What our customers have to say

“Absolutely superb blueberries. We have demolished eight kilograms in a few days.”

Ruban Jayathas • Sri Lanka

““Quite the most delectable, succulent blueberries in existence!””

Jasmine Soliman • London, UK

“I have not found blueberries more fragrant and beautiful than yours ?. I appreciate the professionalism and the relationship you have with the client, and I expect to enjoy the other ten kilograms ordered. Won't be enough for sure!”

Ioana Crisu • Bucharest, Romania

“I received the blueberries today. I am delighted. It does not compare to those you find in different stores. They are huge and tasty. I did not expect it! Good luck!”

Georgiana Haralambie • Dobroești, Romania

“❤️ I'm so glad I found you! ❤️Blueberries are perfect, chosen one by one. Out of five kilograms, only four fruits were lightly crushed! They are tasty, huge, and of course, healthy! They arrived in perfect condition in an eco-friendly cardboard box.The only regret is that I did not take more, but I will fix the situation as soon as you reopen the orders. I don't even know if I should recommend you to others. What if I don't have enough left for me? ???”

Ana Maria • Iași, Romania

“I received the blueberries today, and they are delicious. They created big smiles, like them! ? Thank you very much, awesome people!”

Alexandra Ciucă • Brașov, Romania

Blueberry Juice

300 ml / Certified Organic 100%

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Blueberry x Strawberry Juice

300 ml / Certified Organic 100%

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Blueberry x Raspberry Juice

300 ml / Not Organic Certified

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Blueberry x Blackberry Juice

300 ml / Certified Organic 100%

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